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Information Search

Here's the table of contents for this video. After watching this video you should be able to:Determine the nature and extent of information needed to solve a problem (finding books, book…

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Library info 2022

This video presents how to start using HAMK library services

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This video shows how to create a mobile library card with Tuudo mobile app

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Mobiilin kirjastokortin luominen Tuudolla

Videolla esitellään miten Tuudolla luodaan mobiili kirjastokortti

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Google Scholar: introduction in English

This video contains: Google Scholar basics Search with all of the search terms, with a phrase and with any of the terms Limit search results with the publication year Look for the full text of an…

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Wiley Online Libraryn käytön ohjevideo

Linkki palveluun Videon sisältö:Yleissilmäys käyttöliittymäänHakuHaun tulosten lajittelu uudestaanHaun rajaaminenHakutulosten tallentaminen itselle…

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Customer service at HAMK library via telepresence

HAMK library uses telepresence robots to help students and staff at library when library staff is not present at campus. In this video you see a typical case at customers service and how telepresence…

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HAMK library introduction

Introduction to HAMK library services

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